Our contacts and location

Our base is 3, Daisy Villas, Lewis Street, St Helier. Happy faces, Boiling kettles, lots of laughs, lots of tears, hardship and fears, no promises, but guaranteed hope.

Street level ministry for a street level God who walked where we’ve been and wept where we trod who still sees the tears and still hears the cries who holds out a hand helps dry their eyes.


Mr Gerry Padden
Telephone 01534 631667

Gerry Mobile 07829782782

Deputy Manager
Mr Vini Jones
Telephone 07829782783

Contact Address
PO Box 15
St. Helier

Telephone: 01534 631667

Email: info@gracetrust.com
Website: www.gracetrust.com

Charitable Registration Number RU20517

Co op Share Number 321548
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David Capps (Chairman)
Diana Pitt
Rob Hewlett
Janine Graham
Ian Slack
Barbara Brown

Lucy Lutara