Welcome to this part of the Grace Trust website which deals with finances. 

I have been involved in the charity sector for over three decades and continue to be puzzled by the general expectation either that those working for charities should do so for nothing; or, where they are paid salaries, that this is somehow automatically regarded as an administrative cost and thus not directly related to the work of the charity. 

I believe that anyone working for a living – in whatever sector - deserves a proper wage. 

Spearheaded by the leadership team through its full-time employees, the work of Grace Trust has expanded over the last decade and earned the respect of the Jersey public - and their support, for which we are most grateful. At my request, Gerry Padden, our General Manager, left employment in the building industry to join us , taking a considerable pay cut in doing so. Likewise, a few years later Vini Jones our Deputy General Manager, from his job as a metal worker. Recently, the same situation applied to Brett Cutts, who left well paid work in the motor industry to head-up Grace 18 our outreach to the younger members of society. The only paid administrator we have is Carol Neill, who is part-time, but her work also includes front-line interaction with the Jersey public whom we serve. None of these staff work at Grace Trust for the money. However, this is (with the exception of Carol) their only employment and with families to support, they have to live. 

The Trustees, including myself as Chairman, and all our other many willing volunteers, are unpaid. 

I felt it important to explain these circumstances to all those who visit this part of our website to confirm that although our expenses, which I detail below, are salaries, they essentially underpin the core work of Grace Trust. 

That is not to diminish of course the invaluable and essential contribution of the many wonderful volunteers that we have, who enable the impact of Grace Trust to be so much greater than one might expect of an organisation with four paid employees. 

Thanks to the enthusiasm, character and dedication of Gerry, Vini, Brett and Carol, Grace Trust’s reputation within the Island is such that it was chosen recently by Ian Heath of the JEP to be “among the most high profile charities in the Island” for the purposes of his information request concerning salaries, to which I asked Vini to send a holding reply in the absence of Gerry on compassionate leave to see his father who was very ill. We did not want to release information about Gerry’s salary without his permission, which he has now gladly given. The detailed answers to Mr.Heath’s questions are as follows:

QUOTE from Mr Heath’s email: We would ask the following questions for 2016 for each of you :

- Annual income through (a) fund-raising: £111,000 and (b) States grants: NIL

- Chief executive’s annual salary and bonuses Chairman: Nil; General Manager: £37,000 plus bonus £500

- How much your staff were paid in total and how many staff you employed £108,740; Four

- How much you spent on the following during the year: (i) travel/accommodation NIL (ii) hospitality/events NIL and (iii) equipment/goods used for charitable purposes. Cost of food and weekly meals: £22,000; Office expenses, maintenance of two vans, insurance etc: £12,000


As you will see, our expenditure in 2016 exceeded our income, obliging us to draw down on our modest reserves. We will need to seek more financial assistance this coming year in order to balance the books.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read this and if you have any questions or comments, I will be pleased to address them.

Yours sincerely 

David Capps 


Grace Trust, Jersey

Email: c/o; 

December 2017