Saturday Lunches

These are held every Saturday at 1 pm at St Pauls Church in New Street.

We normally expect around 50 to 60 people, many of whom we come into contact with during the week, and usually increasing in numbers during the winter months. The aim of these lunches is to provide a healthy meal for the homeless, addicted, lonely and depressed. Perhaps more importantly, those involved in the lunches aim to provide a forum of love and care and a listening ear. Practical help when possible, and an opportunity for prayer are offered each week. The Saturday Lunches are a great time of friendship for all those we seek to help.

The food for the lunches is purchased, cooked and served by teams of volunteers and although mainly financed by Grace Trust at times it may be donated. The volunteers are from widely different sectors of society, churches, corporates and youth groups. It is important to remember that the volunteers are the heart-beat of any charity. We always need them, and we are so appreciative of all that they do.

Emergency Food bank:

As in the UK, demand from the poor and needy on food banks has risen considerably in recent times. Increasing hardship amongst Islanders has meant many more seeking charitable assistance to put basic food stuffs on the table.

Islanders can help Grace Trust Jersey to meet this demand by contributing to the food basket scheme. Our baskets are in schools, office canteens and kitchens, supermarkets, Parish Halls and places of worship. There is always room for expansion, so please sign up!

Call 631667